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"Cinematic masterpiece with sweeping scope, style and breathtaking beauty. Top-rated performances by world's greatest artists..."
Star-studded international cast, ground breaking soundtrack, brilliant acting and directing with amazing story that millions of music fans have been waiting for taking the audiences inside authentic 19th Century Paris.
Based on true story with ground-breaking soundtrack, breathtaking locations, brilliant acting and directing  -
 an international spectacle millions of music fans have been waiting for decades.
"Enormous spectacle for audiences of all ages..."
Blu-Ray DVD, interactive e-book, a novel in hardback, paperback and online editions, interactive e-book, ground-breaking soundtrack and high-end promotional "500-Years of Music" Tour are being planned to accompany the film's worldwide release.
"One of the best films in years..."

"LISZT & CHOPIN IN PARIS is the most anticipated movie in decades."

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An instant classic that millions of classical and non-classical fans will treasure for generations to come. Only handful of movies achieve such status along with their artistic and box-office successes - "Titanic", "The Godfather" and "The Sound of Music" being among them.
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